Mbale town is one of the major towns in the Eastern region of Uganda approximately 245 kilometres from Uganda’s capital city. It’s located below Mount Elgon, the second highest mountain in Uganda and North East of Kampala.

Despite Mbale being a rural area, it is sparsely populated with major ethnic groups of the Bagisu and the Bamasaba. Most of the people in Mbale use Lumasaba as their main speaking language. Most of the in this region are farmers and they produce coffee, millet, maize, potatoes, beans for both sustaining their life and earning a living.

Top things to do or to see in Mbale and surrounding regions.

There are several attractions in and around Mbale town that attract tourists from different countries and some of these are; Mount Elgon, Simu and Sisi Falls, Mount Elgon National Park, Semei Kakungulu Tombs, Bufumbo and Wanala Forest Reserves, among others.

Some of the activities to engage in the park include birding, hiking or climbing Mountain Elgon, biking, exploring Mount Elgon national park, and viewing of wildlife like elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and several bird species among others.

Accommodation choices in Mbale town.

Mbale is a city with many hotels and lodges that provide good services to guests. Some of the munificent hotels or lodges include; Mbale Resort Hotel, Kayegi Hotel Mbale, Hotel Restville Mbale, Mount Elgon hotel, Sunrise Inn Mbale, Mount Elgon view, Protea Hotel Mbale, Wash and Wills hotel, Green gardens hotel and many more.

Some of these hotels provide spacious rooms with free wifi access, air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, among other modern facilities.

When to visit Mbale town?

It is highly recommended to visit Mbale in dry seasons more especially from June to August and from December to February. This is because there is always a stable temperature and the climate is generally more pleasant making sightseeing a much more comfortable.

How to get to Mbale?

Basing on the location of Mbale town, it can be accessed by both road and air means of transport. It is accessible by air using Soroti Airport and by road one can use means such as bicycles, motorcycles, taxis and buses depending on your start up point.