Mbale town found in the Eastern park of Uganda has got a number of key attractions that attract a group of tourists from different countries who want to fulfil their adventure dreams. Due to the increasing number of tourists who come to this destination every year, there is also a vast number of accommodation facilities that offer good services to guests both foreign and the locals who visit the city and other famous landmarks like Mountain Elgon.

Despite Mbale being a rural area, it has some of the best hotels and lodges as listed below;
Mbale Resort Hotel: This is one of the high end hotels in the city centre of Mbale town situated in a free noisy area. Its locality gives travellers ease to view or access the common landmarks like the Mountain Elgon ranges. It is found on plot 45 Nakhupa road with a good number of deluxe rooms. It also serves a wide range of international and local cuisines, free wifi access, gym, bar and lounge services.

Kayegi Hotel Mbale: This is a midrange based accommodating facility that offers a comfortable accommodations with a well stocked bar and restaurant. It is found on plot 25B Masaba road approximately 1km from the Post Office Building

Hotel Restville Mbale: This hotel is lies in the footsteps of the Wanale Mountain. Travellers can access it on plot 43 Bumboi road, Busamaga in the town of Mbale. It has a vast number of comfortable room, free wifi access and a well stocked bar and comfortable lounge.

Mount Elgon hotel: This hotel is a luxurious based accommodating facility found on plot 30 Masaba road, approximately 1.5km from Mbale town.

Sunrise Inn Mbale: This hotel is found on plot 45 Nakhupa road, approximately 2km from Mbale town. It is situated in a quiet neighbourhood, good for conference facilities.
Mount Elgon hotel: This hotel is a luxurious based accommodating facility found on plot 30 Masaba road with great exterior views. It has rooms that suit workshop and conference activities, swimming pool, well stocked bars and restaurants.

Protea Hotel Mbale: This hotel situated in a noise free environment just a few metres from Mount Elgon hotel. It is accessed on plot 64 Bumboi road or plot 50 Bungokho road, an excellent location that offers great view of Wanale Mountain. It has a mini bar, swimming pool, free wifi access and restaurant.

Wash and Wills hotel: This is a budget hotel located a few metres from the town, with a restaurant, garden recreation area and safe secure parking. All rooms at this hotel are self contained, and therefore can be found on plot 37 Mbiro road.

Green gardens hotel: This hotel is found between Landmark Inn and Friends In guest house on the sign post to Mbale resort. It has both self and non self contained rooms, ample parking space, well stocked bar and restaurant.